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  1. sienna’s birth and newborn photo session

    February 28, 2013 by michelle

    Sweet sweet sienna.  She came into this world so fast (I think like 4 pushes or something ridiculous!) and is a real treat.  She has the most perfect lips just like her mama and the sweetest disposition.  It was such a joy to photograph her birth and see her a week later to capture her birth announcement pics.

  2. baby eli!

    January 22, 2012 by michelle

    i have a lot of pictures of this cutie.  mainly because he is my very best friends first born.  i was there at his birth, i got to photograph him during his first week and at all the milestones after that.  there will be more pictures to come!

  3. carters

    by michelle

    lucky in the gene department.  my ex-next door neighbors are naturally good looking, makes sense that they would produce some good looking boys huh?  i got to head out to their new place in the boondocks to take some family portraits!  we had fun tromping through the woods and trying to get their dogs in a family picture (it didn’t work-silly dogs)

  4. ava and emmy

    by michelle

    these are the dear children of my dear friends adam and jenny.  they just found out they are having their 3rd girl! wowzers.  they make some cute ones.

  5. pregnant mrs. frohs

    by michelle

    not much to say about this gorgeous lady.  close to popping and still radiant, if only we could all be so lucky.

  6. mike, lindsey and paige-y

    by michelle

    sometimes there are families that are ridiculously photogenic.  that is the newcomer family.  this family smiles on cue (even the paige the 3 year old) they don’t talk when i’m trying to take a picture, they don’t blink at the right time.  its amazing, they are naturally gifted.  they end up getting a kazillion frame worthy photos in the mere 15 minutes it takes to take them all.  nice work newcomers.

  7. a ‘bunch’ of cuties

    by michelle

    i couldn’t resist, this next post is of my friends the bunch family. :) they have some seriously cute girls with big ole eyes and curly hair.  so jealous.

  8. oh the j grove family

    January 20, 2012 by michelle

    as in jessica and javin grove.  as in the couple who makes the most gorgeous children alive. (aside from my own) i don’t understand how they got so lucky.  their children have the biggest eyes and the creamiest skin.

  9. who knew

    by michelle

    bridges could be beautiful?  seriously love when i get a project for something like a bridge.  you forget that pieces of important engineering can also be beautiful.  and fun to photograph.

  10. gabs

    by michelle

    in case you wanted to know i used to work at starbucks, while there i made some of the greatest friends.  now they are all growing up and having babies (kinda like me) this is one of my favorite gals and her family.